Top 10 Best Car Code Readers Reviews In 2021

For any mechanic, car code readers will be an ideal product that helps to find the appropriate diagnosis. It is very easy to use and comes in a handy design. With a car code reader, you can easily report the trouble codes and look for appropriate problems. It is perfect for diagnostic procedures and lets you check the codes. This can be the right tool for increased productivity, and you can make apt repairs.

When buying a car code reader, you will have to consider multiple factors ranging from features to size. Our team has handpicked the top 10 best car code readers that let you make the right decision. It makes sure there will be better productivity and will serve as a perfect investment.

Table of the Best Car Code Readers Reviews

10. Innova Car Code Readers

Innova Car Code Readers

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This car code reader works with most of the OBD2 vehicle models. The scanner also conveniently scans, delivers and erases ABS light for most of the 1996 and higher OBD2 car systems. Moreover, you can use this tool to scan problems in SUVs, light trucks and hybrid cars. This model works with most of the foreign and domestic car systems.

The battery or alternator test of this scanner also conveniently detects the performance of the car batteries. Furthermore, the real-time data provided by this tester make it very much convenient for users. Therefore, this model offers precise diagnosis and troubleshooting.

9. FOXWELL Professional Mechanic Diagnostic Car Code Readers

FOXWELL Professional Mechanic Diagnostic Car Code Readers

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This car code reader can scan the O2 level of most of the OBD2 car models. You can also use this tester for SUVs, light trucks and worldwide cars with OBD2 coding. Moreover, you can easily read and erase data at your convenience. This machine offers easy detecting of engine light fault, emission readiness status and other factors.

With the help of red, yellow and green LED lights and speakers, the tester also offers easy to understand data output. Furthermore, this model has a 2.8-inch colored screen to deliver easy to read data. The real-time graph data make analyzing easy for everyone.

8. ANCEL Car Engine Fault Car Code Readers

ANCEL Car Engine Fault Car Code Readers

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This handheld car code reader makes better compatibility with most of the US-based 1996 and Asian-based 2000 vehicles. The model also comes along with a 2.5-feet long cable. Therefore, you can conveniently run the operation while sitting inside of your cars. With the help of a large, inbuilt LCD screen, this model delivers quick and clear data output.

This machine is also to sense the causes of check engine light signals. Furthermore, you can use this unit to check I/M monitor readiness. The fast-scanning function of this device makes it very much user-friendly. This car-coding machine delivers freeze frame data.

7.AUTOPHIX Orange OBD2 Scanner

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This car code reader is compatible with most of the Windows Operating Systems to support easy data printing. The advanced model also offers convenient scanning for OBD2 vehicles. Moreover, this scanner allows users to read and erase data without any difficulty. You can use this model to scan engine faults for the vehicle model after 1996.

The machine also has an easy to read 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen for users’ convenience. Furthermore, the unit has functions, like O2 sensor, freeze frame data, real-time graph data, show code definitions, and more. The car-coding machine can conduct the EVAP system and on-board monitor tests.

6.Kungfuren OBD2 Scanner

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This handheld car code reader offers convenient reading for most of the OBD2 vehicle models. This travel-friendly model also comes with a skid-resistant surface to provide a comfortable grip to users. Moreover, with the help of 2.5-feet long cable, this reader lets users run the test while sitting comfortably inside your cars.

This scanner also works with most of the petrol-driven vehicles. Furthermore, with the help of easy to operate buttons, this model offers hassle-free operation. By using this scanner, you can scan fault in engine lights, engine coolant temperature, real-time curve, data flow, and other factors. This model consists of a large LCD screen with backlit to offer clean visibility.

5.ANCEL Vehicle OBD2 Car Code Reader

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This car code reader is very much versatile and supports EU-based, Asian-based and newer cars. Therefore, this machine is also helpful for 1996, newer OBD2 vehicle models. Moreover, unlike ordinary code testers, this model comes with an enhanced fault code definition function. So, users completely come to know the meaning of the code.

With the help of improved battery detection function, this model also automatically monitors the car batteries. Furthermore, after detecting batteries, this unit delivers real-time graph data to provide easy to understand analysis. This tester tests VIN information, on-board monitoring, I/M readiness, freeze frame data, O2 sensor test and more.

4.JETHAX Handheld OBD2 Scanner

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Compatible with universal vehicle engine systems, this car code reader offers trouble-free scanning. This model also works with most of the 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles. Moreover, this machine consists of a large 2.8-inch colored LCD screen with white backlit function. This screen lets users adjust the contrast as per their convenience.

The machine also can test EVAP systems, I/M readings scans, data streaming, DTC reading and more. Furthermore, by using this unit, you can check engine coolant temperature, engine light readings, and malfunctioning indicator lights. You can effortlessly use this system to check engine status of your SUVs, newest cars and light trucks.

3. Innova OBD2 Scanner Car Code Readers

Innova OBD2 Scanner Car Code Readers

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This car code reader comes in a compact size with easy operation. This model also instantly detects the cause of the ‘check engine’ signal in 1996 and other OBD2 vehicles. Moreover, you can use this tool to monitor engine problems in SUV, hybrid vehicles and light trucks. The freeze-frame of this machine displays an engine coolant lamp and fuel trim.

This tool also allows users to read and delete SRS and ASB light trouble codes on different OBD2 cars. Furthermore, this equipment includes a step-by-step oil reset function for most of the vehicles. The memory function of this reader retains data of last-scanned 3 vehicles.

2.LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader

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Equipped with an OBD2 scanner, this car code reader scans most of the vehicle systems. This model is also an Android-based device with the latest 7.0 version. Moreover, this device works with 57 car brands. With the help of a 5-inch touch-sensitive screen, the kit offers user-friendly operation. You can conveniently test ABS emission of your engine by using this tool.

The graphic display of this tool also helps users to use this machine with convenience. Furthermore, this machine has 5 most-used reset capabilities for EPB release, oil reset, TPMS reset, SAS calibration and more. This tool comes with a lifetime free update facility via a Wi-Fi connection.

1.FOXWELL Diagnostic Scan Tool OBD2 Scanner

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This car code reader comes with an OBD diagnosis. The model also provides EPB service and oil reset. Moreover, with the help of automatic VIN features, this model fits the needs of both beginners to experts. The machine can test clear codes, read error codes, O2 monitor, live data, on-board monitor and other vehicle information.

This automatic code reader also provides a full-system diagnostic scanner. Furthermore, you can conveniently use this kit to scan SUVs, OBDII cars, minivans, and other light-duty trucks. This model supports both data printing and playback functions. This device scans engine condition, transmission, EPS, ABS, SAS system and other control modules.

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