Top 10 Best Electric Dirt Bike For Kids Reviews In 2021

Electric dirt bike for kids will serve as an ideal item for your little one and allows them to have great fun. It is safe to use and comes in a perfect size. It has all the features of a large bike and can be perfect for kids who have a passion for riding dirt bikes. Electric dirt bikes can come with multiple features and offers you multiple options.

The electric dirt bike for kids must come with safety features. You will have to consider ample factors and then make your purchase so that there can be a peace of mind. These are the top 10 best electric dirt bikes for kids by our team that will guide you in making the perfect selection. You will be able to make the right choice and ensure there will be value for money.

Table of Best Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

10. Razor MX400 Motorcycle Dirt Bike

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Powdered by 24-volt rechargeable battery systems, this motocross motorcycle for kids takes lesser time for charging. This electric dirt bike is also suitable for the growing kids above 13-years old. Moreover, the toy bike can reach the speed up to 14-mph. This dirt bike has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 140-lbs.

With the help of scaled-down design, the motorcycle also holds your child with proper safety. Furthermore, the chain-driven motor runs without making any noise. Equipped with a pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires, the bike runs smoothly on any terrain. For your children’s safety, the motorcycle only has one speed.

Highlighted Features

  • Large pneumatic knobby tires for superior power transfer.
  • Strong construction and a high weight capacity of 140 pounds.
  • Outstanding performance and a maximum speed of 14 mph.
  • Quiet operation due to the chain-driven motor and single speed.

9. JAXPETY Green Kids Motorcycle Toy

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Perfect for the kids from 3 to 8-years old, this electric dirt bike for kids is totally safe for your little ones. With some exciting realistic light-n-sound effects, this ride-one bike also makes a perfect present for adventure-loving children. Moreover, the working headlights simulate the design of a real dirt bike.

The bike also can run at a maximum speed of 6-km per hour. Furthermore, the self-balancing bike has a 3-wheel design. So, this dirt bike safely holds its riders comfortably and keeps everyone safe. The life-like treaded tires, sports engine, and an exhaust pipe make this motorcycle attractive to the eyes of children.

Highlighted Features

  • Enjoyable riding due to built-in music and working headlights.
  • High speed of almost 6 kilometers per hour and safe to use.
  • Multiple realistic features including engine and exhaust pipe.
  • Treaded tires for outstanding performance.

8. Costzon Kids Ride On Motorcycle

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This electric dirt bike for kids, along with training wheels, becomes one of the safest ride-on toys in the market. Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic, and heavy-duty PP plastic, the bike also offers exceptional durability. Moreover, with the help of realistic light-n-sound effects, this motorcycle replicates the design of a real bike.

The additional wheels also help your kids to make their balance while riding on this dirt bike. Furthermore, the wheels have the construction of durable and wear-resistant PE plastic material for durability. For safety, the kid’s bike has safety features, like, suspension rear wheels, traction tires, and low-speed 3.7-mph.

Highlighted Features

  • Stable riding due to the double auxiliary wheels.
  • Easy wheel inflation due to high quality PE material.
  • Safe to use and hassle-free controls.
  • Attractive appearance and multiple features of lights, music, and horn.

7. TOBBI Electric Kids Motorcycle Toy

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Made from impact-resistant and heavy-duty steel material, the frame of this ride-on toy bike resists light impacts. With extra-large tires of this bike also keeps your toddlers safe on different grounds. Moreover, the 3-wheel design increases the safety of this electric dirt bike for kids. The non-toxic and high-quality PP plastic body makes this motorcycle extremely durable.

The racing-style bike also comes along with a comfortable contoured wide plastic seat. Furthermore, the shock-absorbing tires offer smooth riding on both tough and plain terrains. The frame is hard-wearing enough to withstand up to 66-lbs of weight. The skid-resistant handlebars make your little ones feel safe while riding.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable construction and massive load capacity.
  • Three wheels design for better stability.
  • USB interface, LED light, TF card slot, and MP3 player for enjoyable riding.
  • Plastic tires for better shock absorption.

6. Costzon Kids Motorcycle w/Headlights &Music

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Suitable for both little boys and girls, this electric dirt bike for kids has a weight limit of 44-lbs. Powered by a 6-volt battery system, this ride-on toy motorcycle also makes operation easier for parents. Moreover, the age recommendation for this bike is 13 to 36-months. With the help of a 3-wheel design, the bike is safe for little rides.

The wide PE wheels also protect the bike from tipping. Furthermore, in a fully-charged condition, the motorcycle can continuously run for 40-minutes. For your toddlers’ safety, the bike only runs at the speed of 3km per hour. The simple pedal design and handlebars make this bike safe for your children.

Highlighted Features

  • Safe to use with the three-wheel design.
  • Enjoyable riding experience due to headlights and music.
  • Easy controls and outstanding performance.
  • Durable construction and high weight capacity.

5. SAY YEAH Electric Dirt Bike

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With a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 150-pounds, this electric bike is just the right toy for growing kids. Suitable for the teenager above 13-years old, this motocross bike also helps children to develop their motor-riding skills. Moreover, the scaled-down frame of this electric dirt bike for kids has a huge load-bearing capacity. This bike has a 3-speed adjustable setting with a key-lock function for parental control.

The battery-operated kid’s motorcycle also supports faster charging. Furthermore, this ride-on toy is perfect for off-road riding. Without any pedaling, this bike can reach the speed up to 15-miles per hour from 5-miles. The chain-driven motor comes with twist-grip throttle control.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows selecting from three speeds.
  • Twist grip throttle control on the chain-driven motor.
  • Eliminates the need for pedaling and durable construction.
  • Operates with battery power and a maximum weight rating of 150 pounds.

4. Razor MX400 Dirt Rocket Bike

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This electric dirt bike for kids comes along with a full-face helmet for your little one’s safety.

The 24-volt electric motorcycle also comes along with a pair of sealed acid batteries. Moreover, with a maximum speed of 14-miles per hour, this motocross dirt bike is absolutely safe for your little ones. This right ride-on toy is just the right thing for your children above 130-years old.

This bike also has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 140-pounds. Furthermore, the full-face helmet fits the head circumferences of 8 to 14-years old children. The scaled-down dirt bike is suitable for both boy and girl teenagers.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a full-face helmet for better safety.
  • High weight capacity due to superior construction.
  • Powerful motor with twist grip throttle control.
  • Multiple air vents for better breathability.

3. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Motocross Bike

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This electric motocross bike for kids has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 140-pounds. The electric dirt bike for kids also reaches the speed up to 14-mph. Moreover, a pair of 12-volt sealed acid batteries is easily rechargeable. With a single charge, this bike can run for continuous 30-minutes. Made from steel, the frame of this bike is extremely durable.

The kid’s motorcycle also comes along with a twist-grip acceleration control. Furthermore, just like a real bike, this toy bike includes folding footpegs, retractable kickstand, and double crown fork. The hand-controlled rear brake makes this motorcycle easy and safe to operate by kids.

Highlighted Features

  • Chain driven motor and super-quiet operation.
  • The maximum speed of 14 miles and eliminates pedaling.
  • Twist grip throttle control and single speed.
  • Large tires for outstanding performance and hand-operated rear brake.

2. Razor MX650 Rocket Motocross Bike

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This electric dirt bike for kids takes about 12-hours to completely charge the battery system. The scooter for children also makes a perfect gift for the teenagers above 16-years old. Moreover, the realistic details of this electric motor make this ride-on toy attractive to the eyes of your children. With a single charge, this bike can run for 40-minutes continuously.

This bike also can withstand up to 220-pounds of weight. Furthermore, the dirt bike frame geometry makes kid’s riding experience adventurous and fun-filled. With the help of dual suspension, the bike reduces impacts. This motorcycle can reach the speed up to 17-mph.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact design and the powerful electric motor of 650 watts.
  • Smooth and comfortable riding with riser handlebars and dual suspension system.
  • Powerful battery and large pneumatic knobby tires.
  • High weight capacity of 220 pounds and variable speed.

1. Best Choice Products Kids 6V Motorcycle

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With a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 44-lbs, this ride-on bike for kids keeps toddlers safe while riding. This electric dirt bike for kids also comes with kid-friendly steering. Therefore, your kids can develop their skills in controlling the motor. Moreover, the battery-operated toy motorcycle can accelerate the speed up to 2-mph.

The built-in 6-volt rechargeable battery, along with a charger, also makes charging easier for users. Furthermore, the motorcycle comes with some realistic details, like an exhaust pipe, sports engine, and treaded tires. This ride-on toy makes an ideal present for kids above 3-years old. Your children will learn to ride motorcycles by using this motorcycle with training wheels.

Highlighted Features

  • Attractive design with lights and music.
  • Powerful design and easy handling.
  • Multiple realistic features for an amazing feel.
  • Safe to use with the built-in power switch.

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